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Mountainside HS Attendance Policy
If you prefer to e-mail an absence or leaving early, please fill out this form.

Please call our 24 hour hotline 503-356-3508 and leave a message to excuse an absence or tardy for your student or if your student needs to leave school early.  If your student is leaving early, please have them come to the office before the class they will be leaving and pick up a MAV pass.  Students should show this pass to their teacher at the beginning of class. Once they have a MAV pass they can leave the building at the excused time.  They do not need to check out in the office before leaving.  
All late students should sign in at the attendance desk before going to class.  Please do not call and excuse late students for over sleeping, traffic, parking, missing the bus, etc.  These are unexcused tardies and will not be excused.
Students who will be absent more than three consecutive days should pick up a pre-arranged absence form at the attendance desk to excuse the absence.
If your student has been marked absent in a class by mistake, they should contact their teacher and have the teacher email the attendance secretary.  
If your student is not feeling well in class, they should ask the teacher if they can go to the health room.  Students should not text their parents from class asking them to call the school to excuse them.  Students should come to the health room and check out from there. 
Unless there is an emergency, we will not call a classroom after 2:15 p.m. to excuse a student early. 
We appreciate your help following these guidelines so we can reduce the number of times we interrupt the classrooms.