Summer School

  • Summer School will be moved to remote learning for 2020.
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  • Seniors! Summer credit bearing opportunities are available. Please contact your counselor.
  • 8.5 is a GO for incoming 9th graders!!  This is an excellent
    program to get a jump start on high school
  • Registration closes on Thursday, June 25th at noon.


Intensive Summer Version Math Courses:   Register for ISV
Intensive Summer Version (ISV) courses are designed for students who seek advancement in a course sequence that a standard 4-year high school schedule will not allow. These courses provide the same content coverage and rigor as their classroom counterparts but in a highly accelerated format.

If you have questions regarding ISV, please contact the BSD Online Coordinator.  

Credit Recovery, Original Credit and 8.5 Courses:   Register for Summer Programs
Original credit, credit recovery, and enrichment courses are offered to all eligible students in the district. Incoming 9th graders may take original credit or earn .5 elective credit with successful completion of 8.5.  If you have questions regarding Summer Programs, please contact the MHS Summer School coordinator Steve Sanderson.

Credit Recovery – Misc. Classes offered  - May select up to 2 classes for credit recovery.
Cost:              $100 per class
Credit:            .5 per class (max of two and cannot be sequential classes)
Grade:            P/F

  • Health I/II
  • Language Arts - Lit and Comp 9, 10,11, 12
  • Math - AGSI, AGS II, AGS III
  • Science - STEM Physics STEM Chemistry, Biology I

If you do not see your course listed, please email the MHS Summer School Coordinator.

Original Credit - Health I or II - May select 1 class
Cost:               $350   Credit:            
Credit:            .5 Content Credit per class.  Price is per class. 
Grade:            A-F
Prerequisite:  none for Health I
                       Health I for Health II

8.5 – Preparing Incoming Freshmen for Mountainside HS  (9:00am - 11:00am) 
Cost:               $50  
Credit:            .5 elective
Grade:            P/F
Prerequisite:  none

This class helps students learn about the school and its culture, meet many of their future Mountainside teachers, and boost their academic skills.  Community service projects will also be worked on during the summer to help students get a head start on their graduation requirement.  

Summer Program Dates 
June 29 - July 30 (ISV runs June 8 - July 30)
Mon - Thurs (total of 20 class days) 
8.5 classes will start at 9:00am and end at 11:00am

Proposed Remote Learning Daily Schedule:







8:10 - 9:00AM

Period 1 

Period 1

Period 1 

Period 1 

Independent student work time, wellness

9:05 - 9:15AM





9:15 - 10:05AM

Period 2

Period 2

Period 2

Period 2


Office hours, wellness activities, small groups, live tutoring

Office hours, wellness activities, small groups, live tutoring

Office hours, wellness activities, small groups, live tutoring

Office hours, wellness activities, small groups, live tutoring


Summer School 2020 Course Pricing and Credit Information:






Credit Recovery


Subject specific



Point Five (8.5/9.5)





Intensive Summer Course


Subject specific


A - F

Original Credit


Subject specific 0.5 A - F

Graded Enrichment

$350 Elective 0.5 Pass/Fail

Enrichment (1/2 session)

$200 N/A N/A



Code of Conduct:
All students are expected to treat all staff and other students with respect.  Students who fail to do so will be asked to leave the program without a refund. The rules and regulations in the Student and Family Handbook from the prior school year, are sill in effect. All rules and regulations will be reviewed the first day of class.

Class Cancellations:
Under-enrolled classes may be cancelled.  Notification will be sent, if necessary.