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Career Areas and Pathways

Career Pathways - 9th Grade Electives

At Mountainside we encourage all students to spend their first two years of high school exploring the many career pathway options we have to offer.  In a traditional high school schedule, 9th graders typically take four semesters of electives.  If they have a support class or year long class, or are taking a world language, they might not be able to take any pathway electives. At Mountainside, we have designed our schedule differently. Some of our required core courses are postponed to the Junior or Senior year where there is typically more flexibility. At the 9th grade level, we have created two Design and two Art “wheels.”  Wheels are combinations of career pathway electives where students take nine weeks of each topic in a semester.  In order for the schedule to work, these nine week classes have to be linked in the computer as a “wheel”. 9th graders will forecast for the wheels by placing them in priority order.  If a student is taking one or two year long support classes, they may get permission from their counselor or case manager to postpone their world language in order to take at least two semesters of our exploring pathway wheels. Each wheel is listed below.  

820X: Wheel A (Design): Introduction to Culinary & Introduction to Business Management  
821X: Wheel B (Design): Introduction to Engineering & Introduction to Leadership
822X: Wheel C (Art): Introduction to Visual Arts & Art Introduction to Digital Filmmaking

Non-wheel choices:
Semester choices:  Computer Game Design or Introduction to Theater Arts 
Full Year choices: Band, Choir, AVID, and Learning Strategies

Career Pathways - 10th - 12th Grade Electives
Preparing and Demonstrating

In grades 10 - 12 students will be able to move from exploration to preparation and then to demonstration within one or more career pathways.  In the spirit of exploration, 10th graders are invited to choose 1, 2 or 3 semesters of classes in more than one pathway strand.  Students will have time in their 11th and12th grade  years to specialize in a career pathway and/or the IB diploma.  Again, students taking two year long support classes, may apply to waive their World Language requirement one more year with permission from their counselor and/or case manager.


Mountainside Career Pathways