Career Areas and Pathways

Career Pathways - 9th Grade Electives

At Mountainside we encourage all students to spend their first two years of high school exploring the many career pathway options we have to offer.  In a traditional high school schedule, 9th graders typically take four semesters of electives.  If they have a support class or year long class, or are taking a world language, they might not be able to take any pathway electives. At Mountainside, we have designed our schedule differently. Some of our required core courses are postponed to the Junior or Senior year where there is typically more flexibility. At the 9th grade level, we have created four “wheels.”  Wheels are combinations of career pathway electives where students take nine weeks of each topic in a semester.  In order for the schedule to work, these nine week classes have to be linked in the computer as a “wheel”. 9th graders will forecast for the wheels by placing them in priority order.  If a student is taking one or two year long support classes, they may get permission from their counselor or case manager to postpone their world language in order to take at least two semesters of our exploring pathway wheels. Each wheel is listed below.  

820X:  Wheel A:  Introduction to Art & Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
821X:  Wheel B:  Introduction to Theater & Introduction to Leadership
822X:  Wheel C:  Introduction to Engineering & Introduction to Computers 
823X:  Wheel D:  Introduction to Culinary & Introduction to Business Management

Non-wheel choices:
Semester choice:  Woodworking 1 (Takes the place of one wheel.) 
Full Year choices: Band, Choir, AVID, and Learning Strategies

Career Pathways - 10th - 12th Grade Electives
Preparing and Demonstrating

In grades 10 - 12 students will be able to move from exploration to preparation and then to demonstration within one or more career pathways.  In the spirit of exploration, 10th graders in 2019-2020 are invited to choose 1, 2 or 3 semesters of classes in more than one pathway strand.  Students will have time in their Junior and Senior years to specialize in a career pathway and/or the IB diploma.  Again, students taking two year long support classes, may apply to waive their World Language requirement one more year with permission from their counselor and/or case manager.


Mountainside Career Pathways

2-D/3-D Art Pathway

Career Pathway:

Explore: Intro to Visual Arts Wheel, Art 1, Ceramics 1, Sculpture 1, Photography 1, Graphic Design 1
Prepare: Art 2, Advanced Art, Ceramics 2, Ceramics 3, Ceramics 4, Sculpture 2, Photography 2, Photography 3, Graphic Design 2, Graphic Design 3, IB Art SL & HL (starts in 11th), Yearbook
Demonstrate/Career Pathway Capstone: Ceramics Studio - Pathway Capstone, Sculpture Studio - Pathway Capstone, Photo Studio -  Pathway Capstone, Graphic Design 4 - Pathway Capstone, IB Art SL or HL -  Pathway Capstone

Business and Management Pathway

Career Pathway:  
Explore: 9th:  Introduction to Business
Prepare: 10th: Business Management, Accounting 1, Marketing 1, Principles of Leadership (see Leadership pathway), Business Computer Applications, Accounting 2, Sports/ Recreation Management
Demonstrate: 11th - 12th: Personal Finance, Student Store Work Experience (Monte’s),
Career Pathway Capstone: Entrepreneurship

Computer Science Pathway

Career Pathway:
Explore: Introduction to Information Technology (.25), Web Design 1 (.5), Computer Game Design 1(.5), Robotics 1(.5)
Prepare:  Computer Game Design 2 (.5), Robotics 2(.5), Web Design 2 (.5)
Demonstrate: CS 161 Java Programming (1), Computer Science Design (.5),  CS 162/163 C++ and Data Structures (1) Not offered in 2019-2020
Career Pathway Capstone: CS 161 Java Programming (1) or Computer Science Design (.5)
Student must complete 3 credits including the capstone to receive an honors designation.

Construction Pathway

Career Pathway:
Explore: Woodworking 1
Prepare:  Woodworking 2, Construction 1, Computer Aided Design 1 & 2
Demonstrate: Construction 2
Career Pathway Capstone: Completing Construction 2

Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Pathway

Career Pathway:
Explore: Introduction to Culinary, Foods 1
Prepare:  Culinary Management, Foods 2
Demonstrate: Culinary Arts 1 and 2
Career Pathway Capstone: Entrepreneurship (in Business), or Culinary Arts 2

Digital Filmmaking Pathway

Career Pathway:
Explore: Introduction to Digital Filmmaking 1
Prepare:  Digital Filmmaking 2 
Demonstrate: Digital Filmmaking 3 & 4
Career Pathway Capstone: Digital Film Studio


Career Pathway:
Explore: Child Development (.5)
Prepare: Introduction to Education & Methodology (1.0), Leadership Classes including Principles of Leadership
Demonstrate: Cadet Teaching (1.0)
Career Pathway Capstone: Advanced Cadet Teaching (.5-1.0) 

Are you contemplating a career in the education field?  Are you interested in preparing yourself to teach and guide others? The explore part of this pathway will focus on child development theory, parenting, family systems and child care concepts . As you continue in the pathway, you will examine the various social, ethical, and legal issues related to education and the challenges of schools today, while exploring the roles of various careers in the education field. You will then demonstrate and apply the foundations of teaching that were learned in prior coursework while working directly with students in one or more preschool, elementary and/or middle school classrooms in our district. Students can earn Advanced Career Pathway Recognition in the Education Career Pathway by completing the Capstone Option and a Senior Project.

Engineering Pathway

Career Pathway:
Explore: Introduction to Engineering, Engineering and Design  1
Prepare:  Engineering and Design 2, CAD, Computer Science Courses
Demonstrate: IB Design, Engineering and Design 3
Career Pathway Capstone: IB Design or Engineering and Design 3

IB Full Diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a two-year academic program that prepares students for the rigors of college academics and beyond.  Students can fulfill the MHS Career Pathway requirement by taking all coursework for the Full IB Diploma Program. It is open to all interested students who will be at MHS for both junior and senior years. More information about this program can be found on the International Baccalaureate Program page. 

Instrumental Music Pathway

Career Pathway:
Explore: Concert Band,  Intro to Percussion
Prepare:  Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, Music Theory*, Percussion Ensemble
Demonstrate:  Wind Ensemble, IB Wind Ensemble, IB Percussion Ensemble


Career Pathway:
Explore: Introduction to Leadership
Prepare: Student Leadership 1 (.5), Principles of Leadership (.5)
Demonstrate: Student Leadership 2 (1.0)-may be repeated, ASB/ Class Officers would be designated with Student Government on transcript
Career Pathway Capstone: To earn honors, earn 3 credits in the Leadership Pathway, take Leadership 2 entire senior year, be a Link Crew Leader senior year, lead a project/event, record 80 Community Service hours, and do a senior Leadership presentation.

Whether you are wanting to get more involved at Mountainside, help plan events or projects for our school, or just want to learn to be a better leader or person, we have classes designed for you in our Leadership Pathway! You can take just one class from this pathway or pursue multiple classes and even honors in Leadership.

All of the classes in our pathway listed below do not require a prerequisite or application except for Student Leadership 2.

Principles of Leadership is a new course, not focused on student activities and/or government, but onbeing a productive member of teams and groups. It is open to all 10th-12th graders! Join today by forecasting for a Leadership class!

Public Health and Fitness Promotion

Career Pathway:
Explore: Healthy Individuals and Societies 1, Fitness: Team P422X, Fitness: Individual P423X, Strength and Conditioning P410X 
Prepare: Healthy Individuals and Societies 2, Flexibility and Strength Techniques P415X, Team Sports P450X, Strength and Conditioning P410X,
Demonstrate: Anatomy and Physiology, Public Health and Fitness Promotion, Sports Medicine H550X, Outdoor Recreation P550X
Capstone: Public Health and Fitness Promotion

Theater Pathway

Acting/Performance Career Pathway:
Explore: Introduction to Theater, Acting 1
Prepare: Acting 2, Acting Styles (taken more than once- different styles), Shakespeare
Demonstrate: Theater Ensemble, Directing, IB Theater
Career Pathway Capstone: IB Theater and Senior Project

Technical Theater Career Pathway:
Explore: Introduction to Theater, Acting 1
Prepare:  Technical Theater 1, Technical Theater 2
Demonstrate: Theatrical Design, Theater Ensemble, Directing, IB Theater 
Career Pathway Capstone: IB Theater and Senior Project


Available Career Pathway(s):

Explore: STEM Physics
Prepare:  STEM Chemistry, Biology, Biology II, Physics II, Anatomy and Physiology
Demonstrate: IB Biology, IB Chemistry,  IB Physics, IB Design, IB Environmental Systems, Advanced Health Careers
Career Pathway Capstone: Take 4 years of science, including an IB class (IB Biology, IB Chemistry,  IB Physics, IB Design, IB ESS), complete a science/engineering fair project, and complete a Career Related Learning Experience in the area of the pathway.


Environmental Science Pathway:
9:  STEM Physics
10: STEM Chemistry
11: Biology I or Field Biology
12: IB ESS

STEM Pathway:
9:  STEM Physics
10: STEM Chemistry
11: Biology I
12: IB Design (no science credit)

Health Careers Pathway:
9:  STEM Physics
10: STEM Chemistry
11: A & P plus Health Careers 1
12: IB Biology Year 1 plus Advanced Health Careers

IB Biology Pathway:
9:  STEM Physics
10: STEM Chemistry
11: IB Biology Year 1
12: IB Biology Year 2

IB Chemistry Pathway:
9:  STEM Physics
10: Biology I
11: IB Chemistry Year 1
12: IB Chemistry Year 2 (Starting class of 2022)

IB Physics Pathway:
9:  STEM Chemistry
10: Biology I
11: IB Physics Year 1
12: IB Physics Year 2

Vocal Music Pathway

Career Pathway:
Explore: Mixed Choir
Prepare: Treble Choir, Musical Theatre
Demonstrate:  Concert Choir, Advanced Vocal Ensemble
Career Pathway Capstone: Complete all 4.0 credits of the following:

  • Concert Choir (2 yrs) 2.0
  • Music Theory 1.0
  • Additional choir participation 1.0
  • *Any combination of: 
  • Mixed Choir, Treble Choir, Musical Theatre, and Viva Voce (Advanced Vocal Ensemble).

In addition, complete: 

  • Propose, receive approval for, and complete a 20-minute senior vocal recital, senior choir conducting or composition project. 
  • Make a presentation about the senior project.
  • Audition and/or participate in All-State/All-Northwest Honor Choir.
  • Compete in OMEA District 15 solo contest and earn a I or II rating.
  • Complete the Career Related Learning Experiences (Service Learning)
  • Students are encouraged to complete their remaining Service Learning hours in conjunction with their senior project/work experience/job shadow/ or internship