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Student Showcase

Mr. Dusty King's Writing 121 course, a dual credit challenge course through Portland State University, recently concluded a unit on classification. Students were asked to take a nebulous and/or misunderstood concept and attempt to clarify it by classifying its parts in a written essay.  After completing this assignment, the class decided to take the same topic and explore multi-modal writing or writing that includes more than one modality, such as visual, audio, gestural, spatial or linguistic.  They agreed that much important, salient and scholarly information is being conveyed through YouTube, Podcasts and Infographics, and they would be remiss to not hone their skills of multi-modal writing.

Mr. King is eternally grateful to these brilliant members of the first senior class in Mountainside's history for successfully navigating this experience and setting the bar so high.  These students don't realize it, but their hard work and insight on this project will have positive ripple effects for many years to come.  Please follow the links below to enjoy some of their multi-modal writings.